Welcome to Turtle Island

The Friendship Circle


photo by Wendy McCarty We live, teach, breathe and believe in nature's governing truths. We interact with the beautiful clarifying teachings of nature as we interpret its story. We are more about doing it - than talking about it. We invite you to visit us and experience all that is Turtle Island!

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Young Boys Camp instruction - photo by Wendy McCarty The programs at Turtle Island Preserve are powerful and effective. We dig deep, reaching profound connections within us, touching our ancestral roots. "SIMPLY REAL", we touch the sources of life directly, unshielded from nature's truths. Intimate and personal, we experience relationship building with the foundational essence of our existence.


Teaching in our kitchen garden Visiting educators, campers, and family members repeatedly and independently have exclaimed excitedly while participating in our programs, "You guys really do it!" The easiest way to see Turtle Island Preserve is to attend our annual Festival 



Please respect our privacy and educational programming by not showing up unannounced for a pop-in visit. Please call the Turtle Island office to schedule a visit and to request driving directions at (828) 265 -2267.